Shanghai takes Hua Hin

For the past 2 weeks, people have been greeting me with variations of “you’re so tan” and “wow you’re black”. I was expecting somewhat more enthusiastic exclamations along the lines of how much they’ve missed me – I guess how tanned I’ve gotten overrides the fact that I haven’t seen most of these people in half a year. Anyways, on to the interesting bit – the reason why I’m the shade of coffee (and I’m not talking about cappuccino or latte brown, more of a Americano with maybe a teaspoon of milk).

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H U A   H I N     T H A I L A N D


This trip was a major throwback (albeit much more tame) to my graduation trip in Koh Samui, Thailand. The 9-days spent in our villa, Baan Caruso, was basically a reunion trip (that I kind of crashed) with a group of my middle school friends from Shanghai. I had never heard of this place before and that’s probably because it is relatively non-touristy, as in most of the tourists are Thai.

I will not do a day-by-day account because then this post would look a bit like this:

eat sleep tan repeat

So here are a few things that I learned in Hua Hin:

1. Google maps lies (in Thailand): Most of the time, google maps is my friend and savior. But it is definitely not my friend when it’s telling me that the villa is a half an hour walk from the bus stop when it turns out that it’s actually a 45 minute van ride. Imagine if I had attempted to walk that…

2. Helmets = good: Yeah there’s the whole thing about it protecting the most important of your body and all that but no one ever mentions how well it protects your face from wind burns and other unidentifiable objects flying at your face when you’re going 80km/h on a dodgy scooter.

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3. Do not do 2 many number 2s: You’re not supposed to flush any toilet paper down the toilet. Enough said.

4. Wifi all night, wifi all day: 7 days of unlimited internet access for 300 baht? Yes please.

5. I do in fact burn: After a good 19 years burn free, I have finally experienced the horrible sensation of peeling. Do not, I repeat, do not, take a 3 hour doze outside with no sun screen on even if it is a cloudy day. The clouds are illusions, you will burn.

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6. Pad Thai is not Thai: Or more accurately, the name ‘Pad Thai’ is not Thai. In Thailand (or Hua Hin at least), Pad Thai is just called fried noodles. Wish we had known that from the start. Would’ve spared us the disappointment caused by fruitless manic searches for it.

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7. Hua Hin Express: On the last day we felt guilty of the fact that we had basically not stepped out of the villa. So we decided to go full tourist mode: elephant riding, seafood meal, night market, mango (no sticky rice because this Taiwanese tourist bulk bought the last 15 boxes and laughed in our face, how rude).

All in all it was so nice catching up with friends, reading and my tan (I am no longer burnt thankfully). There are very few things that beat the feeling of waking up with an absolutely blank to-do list, in a villa full of people I love.



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