Cafe Review: Drury Lane

In theory, the idea of brunch is a wonderful thing – merging two meals means you can eat more in one sitting and who doesn’t want that. But in the limbo that happens before and after said brunch, I find that I have no idea what to do with myself. See, I’m someone who structures their day around meals and when this routine is ruptured, everything goes to shit. This limbo also happens with late meals – waiting for anything, especially food is the bane of my life. The pandemonium caused by changed meal times was demonstrated today when I spent most of the morning leading up to a late lunch with friends trying to pass the time by wandering around my house to find a comfortable position to catch up on summer reading (barely read 30 pages), having 3 mid morning snacks (when is mid morning anyways) and when it finally came to the time for me to head over for the long awaited lunch, I fell down the stairs.

It was only 3 steps but it was traumatizing. Thankfully, my hunger, aches and bruises were soothed by friends and good food (mostly the food #foodoverfriends) that were awaiting me at 94 Tanjong Pagar Road (Drury Lane is not located, as one might assume, on Drury Lane). As I was delayed by my stairs incident, my friends ordered first which was fine by me because that meant that the food arrived as soon as I did, and as Ke$ha would say, the party don’t start till I walk in.

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I have total trust in my friends’ food choices and they did not disappoint:

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Salmon baked eggs – smoked salmon, capers, spinach, homemade baked beans and cheese ($12)

I’m not a huge fan of baked beans or baked eggs but this was surprisingly good. The reason I don’t like baked beans is because they most of them taste like they’re straight from the tin but you could tell that these baked beans were homemade – the tomato sauce didn’t have that sickening sweetness characteristic of tinned beans and the beans themselves weren’t too mushy. And the reason I don’t like baked eggs is because they are often overcooked, but this egg was baked to runny yolk perfection. Not my favourite dish of the three but still good and quite filling as it comes with grilled toast.

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Chicken avocado sandwich – roasted chicken, avocado, yoghurt mint sauce ($8)

Standard sandwich, you can’t really go wrong with chicken and avocado. What made it for me was the yoghurt mint sauce which was flavourful and gave the sandwich a tangy twist (we tried guessing what the sauce was and came to the conclusion that it was a honey-orange sauce… close enough).

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Croissant steak sandwich – spinach, mushrooms and truffle honey ($12)

This was one of the specials and rightly so – I’ve never eaten anything quite like this. Maybe it was the taking of my savoury croissant virginity, maybe it was the dreamy truffle aroma in the air, whatever it was, everything about this was heavenly (the picture doesn’t do it justice). The steak slices were nice and tender, the croissant a parcel of flaky goodness and the truffle honey gave it a gourmet finish. All of us could have easily eaten another one, it was that good.

All that food for $10 a person – impressive. Admittedly, it was hard splitting the dishes into three equal portions but we managed (somewhat) and it was definitely worth it.

We also got two free coffees thanks to the momentum campaign. wooo love me some free stuff!

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The iced latte came in a cute mason jar with an even cuter straw. The jar was only half full but it was free so I’m not complaining. Look at that glass-is-half-full attitude (sorry, I just had to).

Rounded up the meal with dessert:

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Candy bar pie – chocolate crumb base with salted caramel, peanut butter nougat and a chocolate glaze

The first bite was glorious. The second as well. But the third and subsequent bites, not so much. Extremely decadent and I’m glad we were sharing because I would not have been able to finish it on my own #teamwork

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Carrot cake

I much preferred the carrot cake. It was lighter and not too sweet. The cake was moist and there was a perfect amount of cream cheese frosting with walnuts to top it off.

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Creative coffee packet wall art
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Window seat for optimum natural lighting ft. cardboard box seats

All in all, it was a lovely (and comparatively cheap) meal with lovely company – two of the very few people that put up with the photo taking ritual that precedes every meal (mostly because they partake in it themselves).

Drury Lane
Address: 94, Tanjong Pagar Road
Operating Hours: Mon: 9am – 10pm, Wed – Fri: 9am – 10pm, Sat – Sun: 10am – 6pm
Tel: 6222 6698


5 thoughts on “Cafe Review: Drury Lane

    1. hello! the cafe has two floors so there are plenty of seats available. the second floor is more isolated and probably a better work environment. in terms of comfort however, the seats are either high bar stools on the first floor or make shift chairs out of cartons and wooden boxes on the second floor as well as a sofa. personally, i don’t think that Drury Cafe is the best option to work in, but that might just be my opinion as I highly prioritise comfort when I’m working.

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